Public Safety

The safety of the residents in Alameda County is paramount. The response to violent crime, lower-level offenses, quality of life issues, and the safe housing of the county's inmate population is and will continue to be the primary function of the Alameda County Sheriff's Department. As Sheriff, I will ensure that personnel are well trained and have the proper tools to respond to any emergency presented to them.

As Sheriff, I will ensure that Deputies behavior is just, and require people to be;

  • Treated with dignity and respect
  • Absent emergent situations, Be given  “voice” during encounters
  • Neutral and transparent in decision making
  • Convey trustworthy motives
  • Ensure that the idea of Community Relations is the responsibility of all personnel, not just the Community Relations Unit

Within the jails, I will:

  • Enhance transparency regarding custody facilities
  • Request independent investigations regarding in-custody deaths 
  • Conduct a top-down audit of personnel, equipment & training to make sure that the jails are properly staffed 
  • Increase and support the current inmate in-custody wellness/re-entry programs